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No Mercy - Calf Farm Cruelty Exposed

ATTENTION!: This has insecure content. Not recommended for people under 18 y-old.

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Irrawaddy Dolphin is about to be exctincted

"Only 85 Irrawaddy Dolphins are Left in the Mekong River, According to a New Study

The Irrawaddy dolphin is one of the most endangered species in the world but a new survey has revealed that one key population could be at the very edge of extinction.
According to a new World Wildlife Fund survey, the Irrawaddy dolphin population in the Mekong watershed could be as small as 85 individuals. Most alarming, researchers said, was that the survival rate for calves was extremely low.

Dr. Li Lifeng, Director of WWF's Freshwater Program, explained that "evidence is strong that very few young animals survive to adulthood, as older dolphins die off and are not replaced."

In spite of the dire conclusions, the number of individuals identified in this latest survey was actually higher than previous studies. Researchers, however, explained that this increase was likely the result of improved methodology, not a larger population.

Barney Long, WWF's Asian Species Expert, commented that "These dolphins are at high risk of extinction by their small population size alone...with the added threats of gill net entanglement and high calf mortality, we are seriously concerned about their future."

The best hope for the dolphin, say researchers, is through joint conservation programs designed in cooperation with local fisheries administrations."

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Be a PETA's new member on 2012

Message from PETA:

"As you read this, dogs, cats, rabbits, mice, and even chimpanzees—as well as many other animals—are suffering behind closed laboratory doors. Some of these animals may be force-fed cosmetics and household cleaners or forced to inhale toxic chemicals. Some will be made to suffer from painful heart attacks, be injected with cells that grow massive tumors, or have holes drilled into their skulls so that electrodes can be inserted into their brains.

There is no rationale for these painful tests beyond the "we've always done it this way" excuse that experimenters use to justify their cruelty to animals—a rationale that becomes even more flimsy when one realizes that non-animal methods are not only cruelty-free but also often cheaper and more effective at predicting results in people.

Will you help our critical work to end the suffering and abuse of all animals by becoming a PETA member online right now? We're looking for 2,012 new PETA members before the end of the month, and each new member who joins during this drive will earn PETA an extra $10, thanks to the generosity of an anonymous PETA donor.

Together, we are making astounding and impressive progress, but we need your help today to do even more for animals this year. For more than three decades, PETA has been leading the fight against animal experiments, and we continue to achieve important victories and save animals' lives.

Shortly before the holidays, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) announced that it was suspending funding for any new experiments on chimpanzees, as well as re-evaluating—and possibly cutting funding to—all current experiments on these sensitive animals. This terrific decision comes on the heels of an NIH-commissioned report that concluded that nearly every use of chimpanzees in laboratories today is unjustified. Last summer, PETA and an array of scientists had presented testimony to the committee that generated this landmark report.

The United States is the only nation in the industrialized world to allow invasive experiments on chimpanzees, but thanks in part to the support of PETA members, we're closer than ever to ending these experiments. By becoming a PETA member right now, you'll give us the resources that we must have in order to continue our fight for chimpanzees and all animals who are so desperately in need of our help.

PETA's dedicated team of researchers, scientists, investigators, and campaigners has just ended another outstanding year of successes for animals in laboratories. We helped bring about the first-ever felony cruelty-to-animals indictments against laboratory staff in the U.S. following a PETA investigation of animal testing facility Professional Laboratory and Research Services, Inc. (PLRS). Together with tens of thousands of PETA supporters, we persuaded the Environmental Protection Agency to reduce the number of animals to be killed in that agency's massive endocrine-disruptor screening program and to adopt non-animal testing methods. This one switch to high-tech methods could save the lives of more than 3 million individual animals.

Although these victories for animals are sure signs of progress, there is still so much to be done. Right now, dogs, rabbits, and other animals are suffering in testing facilities in dire conditions much like those that we exposed at PLRS. At this moment, chimpanzees, mice, and millions of other individual animals are facing death in needless and archaic tests that could be replaced by non-animal methods.

PETA's vital fight to stop the abuse and neglect of these and all animals depends on the commitment to animals of thousands of dedicated donors. That's why I urge you to join PETA during our drive for 2,012 new members and help us do even more for animals in the weeks and months ahead.

Thank you for your compassion—and for always doing what's best for animals.

Kind regards,
Ingrid E. Newkirk


P.S. All of PETA's lifesaving work for animals—from our undercover investigations that expose hidden abuse to our eye-opening campaigns—is made possible by the continued generosity of PETA donors. By becoming a member during PETA's January new-member drive, you can help ensure that PETA is there to respond whenever an animal is in need."

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How can nature feel se good...

Music by artist Yanni

(Please take a moment to click on play to start listening to this soothing sound awhile you're reading the text.)

                  The Red Sun smiling at you in the dawn when you go to a run ...
      The George Zamfir' sound playin on your mp4, when you sit in a rock to take the first breathing of the day.

                            The bright future you plumb while lookin to tha blue smooth sky, with its peace-loving clouds moving as unblemished purple oceans, blowing in the wind ...

 You remember her/his eyes flourishing... her/his mouth burning...

                                                  ... Think there's space enough in your time to be filled with joy, from now on

               You lighten an incense stick and calmly lay in the fresh grass

... You close your eyes and all you view is harmony, all you care for is inspiration, all you desire is beauty, all you care for is to make sure your kids're smilin at this very moment

                                All you do is to feel in peace

                                                     All that you already reached is the lesson of Love.

                And, sometimes, you climb a mountain and reach a secret magical landscape of your own

                                                                   You open your arms to the world and your soul yells:

    We're All Free! We just gotta Believe in Nature, in Love, in Peace and Joy. And that way; only that way; we'll hunt up the temple, the headspring of happyness!

  But you don't go back home after this. You Dance as the world were dancin' with you, and all the magical creatures who humans haven't met yet (cuz they're waitin for some divine to show them the way to Intuition) reunited that day reincarnating the trees' spirits and all the animals of this misterious enchanted forest: some fairies're climbin the trees and sitin on the leaves to hear, amazed, Nature's Melody.

            = Be inspired and Be the one who reincarnate the sound of Nature, in its plain essence =

segunda-feira, 9 de janeiro de 2012

Olho por olho, e o mundo acabará cego.

Mahatma Gandhi
As religiões são caminhos diferentes convergindo para o mesmo ponto. Que importância faz se seguimos por caminhos diferentes, desde que alcancemos o mesmo objetivo?

Mahatma Gandhi
O amor é a força mais sutil do mundo.

Mahatma Gandhi
Acreditar em algo e não o viver é desonesto.

Mahatma Gandhi
Há riqueza bastante no mundo para as necessidades do homem, mas não para a sua ambição.

Mahatma Gandhi
A arte da vida consiste em fazer da vida uma obra de arte.

Mahatma Gandhi
Não existe um Caminho para a PAZ. A PAZ é o Caminho.

Mahatma Gandhi
Nas grandes batalhas da vida, o primeiro passo para a vitória é o desejo de vencer.

Mahatma Gandhi
Conheço muitas razões pelas quais eu morreria, mas não conheço nenhuma pela qual eu mataria.

Mahatma Gandhi
Devemos expandir o círculo do nosso amor até que ele englobe o nosso bairro, se desdobre para a cidade, o estado e assim sucessivamente até o objetivo do nosso amor incluir todo o universo.

Mahatma Gandhi
A força não provém da capacidade física. Ela vem de uma vontade indomável.

Mahatma Gandhi
A pureza de espírito e a ociosidade são incompatíveis.

Mahatma Gandhi
Ninguém nasce odiando outra pessoa pela cor de sua pele, por sua origem ou ainda por sua religião. Para odiar, as pessoas precisam aprender e, se podem aprender a odiar, podem ser ensinadas a amar.

Nelson Mandela
Democracia com fome, sem educação e saúde para a maioria, é uma concha vazia.

Nelson Mandela
O dinheiro não vai gerar o sucesso, a liberdade para gerá-lo o fará.

Nelson Mandela
Tenho visto demasiado ódio para querer odiar.

Martin Luther King
O mundo é um lugar perigoso de se viver, não por causa daqueles que fazem o mal, mas sim por causa daqueles que observam e deixam o mal acontecer.

Albert Einstein
A razão é o fruto da experiência.

Vivemos todos no mesmo local embora sobre patamares bem diferentes.

Quando há variância na flora humana, não está presente o silêncio.